Every ENTP is a bit different, but how does this sound?

connected lightbulbs

Your natural gifts make you:

  • Innovative
  • Adaptable
  • Curious
  • Energetic
  • Persuasive

Common challenges:

  • Follow-through, finishing projects
  • Difficulty with routine, logistics, bureaucracy
  • Tendency to debate too often
  • Insensitivity (prioritizing "harsh truth" over feelings)
  • Overthinking, analysis paralysis
  • You're amazingly open-minded. You have endless ideas, and you're great at playing devil's advocate (sometimes even just with yourself in your head). You love debate, and it can be hard when you want to argue for fun but other people are offended or misinterpret your intentions.
  • You like keeping your options open, and you don't want to have to commit to one single path or task. It can be tough to stick to one of your ideas or projects long enough to actually finish it (either because you're a perfectionist or you just get bored).
  • You hate dealing with bureaucracy and logistics. And you feel drained when you're boxed in or bored—when it feels like there's no room for innovation and you're not allowed to fully express your thoughts or explore different approaches or perspectives. The brainstorming phase of a new project is the best, and you'd hate to be brought in afterward and just told to finish setting up the logistics for someone else's ideas.
  • You struggle with balancing logic and your subjective perceptions on one hand with other people's feelings and social conventions on the other. This can manifest in a number of ways: You might like messing with people, or you might look down on them. You might be overly concerned with looking good, or you might sacrifice your needs to care for others. All this can also make you wonder sometimes if you're actually an introvert (ENTPs are one of the most introverted extrovert types).

Does that resonate? If not, you might try going back to your results page and exploring one of your other highly-rated type possibilities. (Or, if you landed directly on this page from Google, you can take my test here).

(Torn between ENTP and INTP? Read my comparison here to help you decide.)

ENTP Tip #1:

You want to do (and learn) everything, so you have trouble actually finishing anything.

It'll feel counterintuitive, but you need to focus on doing less to enable your ability to do more (yeah, I know you think that expression is trite, but how well is your current approach working out for you?).

Practice intentionally limiting your choices by removing options and distractions (for example, decide that when you get home from work, you're only allowed to do either A, B, or C).

ENTP Tip #2:

To mature your Ti function, practice zooming out.

Instead of focusing on the details of the arguments, logically examine the entire debate. Is the debate itself actually helping in this situation? Will proving this person wrong actually be beneficial?

Does this person actually want you to solve their problem for them? (P.S. It's possible to be radically honest and kind at the same time. Yes, even for ENTP's.)

I'm an ENTP too, so you're my specialty.

I'm a coach, counselor, and writer.

I help people like you find more consistent motivation to take action, design your life purpose, and feel more alive.

I invite you to join thousands of other NTP's who have subscribed to my mailing list. I write about topics like these (all filtered through the mind of a fellow ENTP):

  • Lifestyle & Habit Design (motivation & energy management; todo list prioritization; easeful decision-making (yes, even for NP-types); habit formation & retention)
  • Mindset & Meaning (building existential resiliency; rationality + mindfulness; creating purpose; systematically dealing with depression, anxiety, & nihilism)
  • Communication & Social Justice (making friends as an adult, deepening relationships, escaping small talk, and being an effective ally to people with marginalized identities)

As a thank you for signing up, I'll send you the "tiny-book" I wrote specifically to help people like you with the #1 challenge ENTP's face.

Now, I'd like you to consider something:

Think back to when you decided to take my test. On the surface, you might have just been curious what type you would get.

But I'm betting there was a reason underneath that: You want to shift something in your life.

It's hard for you to make decisions—even ones that should be simple.

How would your life be different if you could transform…


  • Coming up with all sorts of ideas but never actually finishing them
  • Procrastination, low energy, and trouble with time management
  • Struggling to choose a career, or working a job that's "ok" but definitely not making the kind of impact you want to be in the world


  • Clarity on where to best spend your energy, which ideas to focus on, and what you really want
  • Waking up energized, and feeling consistent motivation to take action on your ideas
  • Working on projects that deeply fulfill you, and not having to dread going to work

You feel depressed or nihilistic, like there's a void of meaning in your life.

How would it feel to go…


  • Wondering if other people are as happy as they seem to be, and feeling anxious when it seems like you're wasting your life
  • Feeling micromanaged, or like you have to adhere to rules, policies, or schedules that don't make sense
  • Struggling with a sense of emptiness, like you're just covering up a gaping hole with short-term fixes


  • Feeling alive and excited, like you have something obvious worth living for
  • Being in control of your life, owning your own schedule, and maybe even achieving financial independence
  • Living deeply in line with your values, feeling clear on your life purpose, and spending your time and energy in a way that feels meaningful

You want deeper relationships that intrigue and fulfill you.

What would it be worth to shift…


  • Loneliness, struggling to make friends as an adult, and feeling stuck in boring small talk and shallow relationships
  • Enjoying debate and giving advice but feeling like people don't want your help or see you as combative when you're just trying to offer value
  • Feeling some weirdness in social situations—a strange pendulum between loud arrogant attention-seeking and lonely worrying too much what others think of you


  • Finding an awesome romantic partner, making deep friendships, and having stimulating conversations
  • Feeling like you're truly helping people, and like you're able to do something tangible and beneficial with all that knowledge you have
  • Experiencing a profound sense of belonging, self-acceptance, and self-love

I'm Michael, a coach who helps fellow ENTP's transform


I spent most of my 20's and early 30's waiting for my "real life" to start.

I felt like I was treading water—I had endless ideas, and I knew I was capable of a lot. But I kept getting bored and moving on to the next possibility instead of actually finishing anything and making the impact I wanted to make on the world.

I had been completely stuck in my head and out of touch with my feelings and needs. I knew that I hated surface-level conversations, but I didn't understand how to create something different. So, I ended up just judging other people as shallow or simple-minded, and I felt disconnected and lonely.

I finally couldn't take it anymore, so I devoted three years to pushing myself outside my comfort zone to transform my life. I learned a lot about creating consistent motivation, making decisions, and leading a life I was excited about.

I created my life purpose, made some dramatic changes to myself and my lifestyle, and began following through on the ideas I was most excited about. Through all that, I finally began to understand what self-love and authentic aliveness feel like.

I'd like to help you feel that too.

What do the top people in every field have in common?

I've worked with Fortune 500 leaders, an Academy Award-winning director, a Mount Everest record holder, and some of the most famous video game designers in the industry.

And I'd like to share a secret with you:

The most successful people get help when they're struggling.

They might look perfect on the outside, but I've seen firsthand that they're grappling with their own challenges—from self-doubt and impostor syndrome to depression and anxiety.

They still hit barriers that they have trouble getting past on their own. And top performers know that they need to put the oxygen mask on themselves first before they're able to most effectively help others.

Just like star athletes benefit from coaching, the top people in every field hire experts to help them improve.

I'd like to help you too.

I understand what you're going through

I'm an ENTP too, and I struggled for years with different coaches and therapists.

I can honestly tell you that the one coach who made by far the biggest impact on my life was a fellow ENTP.

She spoke my language, saw me in a way that few others ever had in my life, and challenged me to shift beliefs that had held me back for a decade.

It was like a set of dominoes—those coaching sessions eventually set into motion dramatic shifts in virtually every aspect of my life.


I work with leaders and team members at companies like:


Plus, employees and entrepreneurs from 6 continents—in industries as diverse as crypto, government, education, tech startup, health & wellness, and beyond.

My client list includes executives & founders, product managers, teachers, doctors, consultants, artists, coaches, grad school students, data analysts, a librarian, a zookeeper, and more.

I'd like to earn your trust, as I have with these people:

INTPInformation Systems Officer for a government organization:

This experience has been life-changing. Michael is very helpful, respectful, and an interesting person that I look forward to seeing every time.

ENFJMedical School Student, turned psychotherapy grad school student:

I knew within 30 seconds of our first call that Michael was someone I wanted by my side.

Here was someone who could finally see me, as I truly was deep down. And that eventually helped me fully see myself.

Back then, it felt like life was acting upon me, and I was suffering professionally and in my relationships.

I really don’t feel any of that now. I had been grasping for solutions through a certain lens, and Michael helped me find a completely different set of lenses that make everything look different.

Those negative feelings haven’t all gone away entirely. But my reality has completely changed, and I feel so much more able to meet them those challenges.

ENTPEngineer Consultant:

Michael's program felt very much like Jedi training on Dagobah with Master Yoda.


I feel like I am in a great place now after our last session. Everything is falling into place and I feel good. Thanks so much for your help.


Oh my God, I’m convinced.

I thought for sure I was an ENTJ. I could never believe that I was an ESFP because I don’t fit into the typical ESFP stereotypes. I managed to get through med school!

But hearing you explain it as you did, it just makes perfect sense now. This explains so much.

I’m afraid of this work I have to do but I know it’s what I need.

Thank you, this was a pleasure!

INTJVice President of a non-profit:

This is not at all what I thought coaching would be like.

We ended up doing something totally different than I had been looking for (or thought I needed), but I'm surprised to say it was amazingly effective.

In the time I've been working with Michael, I was elected Vice President of my organization. I’ve felt my perpetual guilt disappear around work, and I find myself worrying less about what I can’t control.

I’ve even had some very philosophical revelations about what life is all about. I feel really good, thank you.

ESTPDirector at a Fortune 10 company:

I kept walking away with one refreshing insight after another. Michael admirably applies praise where deserved and tends to avoid positivity for positivity’s sake. He does not judge – he seeks to understand. His inquisitive nature and mannerisms are a refreshing blend of friendly banter, humor, and understanding that are hard to find and very much appreciated.

There is great peace of mind in knowing that at least one person outside of my family can be absolutely trusted with my most confidential musings about my career.

He has an uncanny ability to say something back to me in a way that’s more coherent than how I first said it. When I hear my thoughts stated back to me it brings a certain permanence, conviction, and power to them I am challenged to replicate on my own.

I can’t thank Michael enough, and I wholeheartedly encourage you to take advantage of his gift.

INFPSpeech-Language Pathologist:

I am floored.

This was truly a feeling I don't think I have ever felt before.  I have so much to think about after our session.

This was a truly wonderful experience, thank you.

INFJNurse, turned photographer & sustainable garden designer:

Perhaps you are a person who gets sucked into tunnel vision and struggles to remain present and enjoy the process without obsessing over future outcomes. A person who wishes you had a translator for your own thoughts.

If so, time spent with Michael may be just what you need. His gentle, open-minded insights make him the perfect sounding board for intuitive persons who face the daily struggle of feeling misunderstood.

Michael has helped me to examine my own thought patterns and motivations more objectively. He is a truly gifted counselor, and time with him has proved to be a valuable step toward acquiring deeper self-knowledge.

INTPStartup Co-Founder & COO:

I’m getting stuck in overthinking so much less often.

It’s like my gut instinct is coming to me now with a whole army instead of just a few horsemen.

ENTPLiving the #vanlife:

I feel I have been heard. Michael is truly open minded. His responses were for me specifically and not just for all *NTPs. 

He has been a genuine and honest set of bricks to start building a foundation with. He conveys positive messages in a way that makes me consider them deeply.

I could walk away from working with him at any point and feel accomplished and sated, but I don't because every session has proven useful.

I couldn’t say he is everyone’s cup of tea because that does not exist, but if previous attempts at self improvement have gone poorly for you, I wouldn’t write off searching until you've looked into his offerings.


Thank you so much for being the absolute best life coach ever.

I have no clue what I’d have done and where I would be without your help.

INFJSoftware Developer, turned yoga teacher & entrepreneur:

I feel lucky to have Michael on my team. We started working together as I was planning a life transition. He supported me by guiding me past self-doubt and into my body's natural sense of where it wants to go — clarity.

In our ongoing work, Michael provides open-ended perspectives on situations that I can tend to see as more closed-off. He has so many tools, resources, and experiences that give me confidence that he can add a lot to my journey. Our sessions give me a boost and let me step forward with some really healthy attitudes.

ENTPSenior Salesforce Consultant:

The insights and ideas we shared together took me from a very restless and uncertain Point A, to the trail with a map and the makings of a plan, to a Point B that aligns with my values and needs.

For now, I will live in this moment that I’ve worked toward. Thank you for helping me get here.

ENFPWeb Designer:

I’d fallen into such a deep depression and hit rock bottom. It seemed like I wasn’t getting anything important done.

But after talking with you, I feel energized and back on track. I can do this!

INTJDeputy Executive Director of a government organization:

I was talking with a colleague, and they commented on my high energy lately and impressive systems I have in place. They asked what my secret is, and I told them it’s that I’m working with an excellent coach.

So thank you very much. I appreciate being able to talk through my problems with you.

“Michael listened and wanted to know what would work for us. He didn't just give us a cookie cutter training. He simplified concepts in a way that allowed us to understand.”

—Anonymous feedback from a workshop for senior executives at a Fortune 1000 company

“In relatively short notice, Michael stepped in and let our Senior Leadership Team through a very impactful workshop on an incredibly important topic. We couldn't have started this journey without him.”

—Trever (INTP), technology director at a top management consulting firm


How can I work with you? How much do you charge?

Thanks for your interest in coaching with me. Below you'll find information on several types of offerings: one-on-one coaching, group coaching & workshops, and my blog.

One-on-One Coaching

I've put a lot of thought into the most logical, fair, and ethical way to price my services.

Conversations about money tend to bring out a lot of feelings (on both sides), and I want to approach that complexity with the nuance and care it deserves.

So, this will require just a little more work to understand than "pay me $X."

If you're curious, I wrote a whole philosophical article where I break down in detail how I arrived at this set of policies. (All this has evolved a bit too since I wrote that post back in early 2021.)


My pricing philosophy & policies

I intentionally aim to serve a variety of people in my practice—including groups who have historically had less access to coaching due to systemic oppression (e.g., 43% of my clients are people of color).

At the same time, this is my primary source of income, and I need to be able to run a sustainable business.

So, here's the model I've arrived at:

  • Sliding-scale (variable pricing):

    I offer the same service at multiple price points based on need (honor system, no proof required). But paying the highest price you can afford allows me to offer much lower-priced coaching to people who couldn't otherwise afford it.

  • Pay for sessions in bundles of three:

    This simplifies the bureaucracy and makes our relationship feel less transactional. If paying for three sessions at once feels challenging for you, let's talk about it.

  • First session is free:

    Let's make sure we're the right fit for each other. So much of coaching comes down to trust, chemistry, and connection. Each coach has a different style, so I want to make sure you feel comfortable with mine.

  • Commit to at least two sessions per month:

    Roughly half my clients see me weekly, and half every other week. I sometimes make exceptions to see people less frequently, but that slows our progress and makes it harder for me to stay up-to-date with your life.

  • Most importantly, let’s be real with each other:

    I’m not a big faceless corporation charging one fixed price for a product. And you’re a complex human with a lot of different types of expenses in your life. Let’s have a real authentic conversation about what you can afford that’s fair to both of us. Let's come at this as a team trying to solve a challenge together.


Have any questions?

My Sliding Scale

Please do your own research if you'd like a comparison for coaching rates.

But I can tell you that $200-500 USD per session is a common price charged by my peers with similar experience and credentials.

Below are my rates for a 50-minute session (again, this is the same service being offered at each price tier).

Here's what else you'll get by working with me:

  • I'll start off by sending you a detailed questionnaire to help us get to know each other—and, more importantly, to help you get crystal clear on your goals for coaching.
  • I'll customize my coaching style based on your personality type (I'm very familiar with several powerful typing systems).
  • This isn't one-size-fits-all advice. We'll co-create a unique personal growth trajectory just for you. I'll bring in techniques from Co-Active coaching, Hakomi counseling, and much more—whatever is most appropriate for your specific challenges.
  • You'll be the first to hear about my new projects, tools, Mastermind groups, and other offerings.
  • You'll also get access to me via email between sessions (for example, if you'd like me to review your resume or answer a time-sensitive question). And, as we work together, I might share worksheets, articles, or podcasts that make me think of you.

Which one best describes your situation?

Standard Rate A
  • You earn over $170K USD/year
  • Or, you can buy pretty much whatever you want without saving up
  • Or, your company will be paying for this
  • Bonus: By paying this rate, you allow me to offer lower-priced coaching to someone with a marginalized identity (thank you!)

$259 USD

Standard Rate B
  • You earn over $120K USD/year (before tax, including bonuses)
  • Or, you regularly spend $200+ USD on non-necessities without needing to save up

$189 USD

Reduced Rate
  • You earn under $120K USD/year (before tax, including bonuses)
  • Or, you regularly spend $50+ USD on non-necessities without needing to save up

$139 USD
(limited spots)

Special Rate
  • You earn under $50K USD/year (before tax, including bonuses) and have very little disposable income (after paying for basic necessities)
  • And, you identify as part of a historically marginalized group such as LGBTQIA+ or BIPOC (or you face other systemic discrimination)

$67 USD
(waitlist only)

(I'm a big fan of crypto, so I'm open to receiving payment in ETH or BTC—or potentially other cryptocurrencies—as well. Let me know if you're interested and we can talk about how to set that up.)

Group Coaching, Masterminds, Workshops,

I periodically open up spots in my Mastermind program specifically designed to help you solve 3 of the top challenges people come to me with: focusing down to finish ideas, making decisions, and dealing with cycles of low motivation/energy.

Learn more here.

Also, sign up below to be the first to hear about other new programs, tools, and writing.


If paid coaching doesn't fit into your current financial situation, you can check out my free tools and blog posts.