Cryptocurrency is my newest obsession. As an ENTP in Myers-Briggs, I love that crypto is so multidisciplinary. It really feeds my cognitive functions of Ne (i.e., exploring possibilities) and Ti (i.e., logical accuracy). Especially if you're an ENTP or INTP as well, I believe this will fascinate you.

The first two posts are linked below, but there are a lot more of them on my page devoted to this series: Easing into Crypto. (P.S. Each post is also available for free as an audio podcast on Spotify or iTunes).

COVID-19 / Pandemic

I'm not a medical professional, but I was frustrated by all the misinformation and confusing advice out there on COVID-19.

So, I did a lot of research (synthesizing hundreds of articles) and created this series of posts with everything you need to know from how to keep a "bubble" or "pod" safe, to which specific masks are best, to the latest information about the virus "variants" and vaccines.