Thanks for visiting my blog. As an ENTP in Myers-Briggs, one of my greatest strengths is synthesizing, categorizing, and simplifying information. I write about topics like personal growth, motivation, feelings, group dynamics, and Myers-Briggs. I also work to simplify complex topics like cryptocurrency, anti-racism, and COVID.

Whatever the topic, I try to explain it from the beginner level onward—step by step. At the same time, my writing typically ends up on the longer side because I believe in diving deep to explore nuances.

In my experience, most complex subjects (like crypto) are not just X or Y (e.g., good or bad) but some combination of X and Y or somewhere on a spectrum between X and Y.

As an NT type in MBTI, I tend to think in terms of science, rationality, and objective evidence. But, feelings are crucial too, and I'm now more open and curious about other sources of knowledge such as certain spiritual traditions or indigenous practices. (After a lot of personal growth work, I've realized that it can be limiting to restrict oneself to only what's 100% objectively rational and provable in double-blind, randomized experiments 🙂.)

Mindfulness & Meditation

I was a proud skeptic. I thought I was already self-aware so meditation would be a waste of my time. I was very, very wrong. I tried and failed at various meditation techniques for years, but it's now become my most important habit that I prioritize every day.

Especially if you're a T in MBTI, I believe this is the single most important skill for you to learn to succeed at life. I'll walk you through meditation step by step in a rational, non-woo-woo way, and I'll offer you the most important tips I've learned over a decade of practicing.


Cryptocurrency is my newest obsession. As an ENTP in Myers-Briggs, I love that crypto is so multidisciplinary. It really feeds my cognitive functions of Ne (i.e., exploring possibilities) and Ti (i.e., logical accuracy). Especially if you're an ENTP or INTP as well, I believe this will fascinate you.

The first two posts are linked below, but there are a lot more of them on my page devoted to this series: Easing into Crypto. (P.S. Each post is also available for free as an audio podcast on Spotify or iTunes).

Personal Growth

This section contains posts on a variety of topics related to personal growth.