Let's find or confirm your Myers-Briggs type

Want to better understand yourself and figure out how to get past your challenges in life?

I'd like to help you.

If you've already taken my free personality test and you still feel unsure about your type, a profiling session would be a good next step.

This is a 90-minute session focused purely on determining your Myers-Briggs type. These are on Zoom and cost $197 USD. I'll ask you a series of questions and help you figure out which type best fits you. You'll be able to ask any questions you have, and you'll leave with some advice on how your type best makes decisions and feels energized.

Schedule a typing session ($197 USD)

Have you already taken my free personality test but still feel unsure about your type? Or, are you pretty certain of it but not really sure what to do next?

Either way, working with me one-on-one is a great way to confirm your type and then, more importantly, to actually do something with that information.

I used to offer one-time "personality profiling sessions," but I realized after a while that I didn't like it.

Yes, I can make a good guess about your type after a single profiling session together. But it felt hollow to just tell someone their type and then expect them to go off and do the truly hard work on their own of dealing with that type's weaknesses and most common barriers.

As a coach, I've made it my mission to support people in defining and living their life purposes, and simply telling someone their type and sending them off on their way didn't feel like I was doing that.

Here's why I believe an ongoing relationship is important rather than a one-time session:


First, we all have a ton of baggage around our sense of self.

This includes standards around race and gender, how our parents told us we "had" to be, what we saw in movies, what we were told a "good person" looks like, etc.

So, we often unconsciously cover up our true selves with many layers of protection.

The best way, then, for me to uncover someone's core self (and true personality type) is to work with them regularly as a coach and begin to help them peel away some of those layers. If you have a lot of armor up, even the very best personality profiler won't be able to accurately figure out your type in a single profiling session (and I say that as someone who's been trained in both MBTI profiling as well as psychological counseling).


Second, knowing your type is nice; but, far more important is what you do with that information.

A lot of people will take a test to learn their personality type but then continue going through life exactly as they always have. What was the point?

If you choose to explore coaching instead, I can help you uncover your blind spots and figure out what's holding you back from the life you want.

For example, in my case, I thought I was an INTP for many years, and it was huge to realize I was actually an ENTP (more on that here if you're unsure too).

Learning that truth helped me understand that I hadn't just been avoiding social events because my mind is naturally introverted (i.e., something outside my control).

Rather, I'd been doing so because of other things that are very much changeable: social anxiety, overly-harsh judgment of other people (especially feelers or people I labeled "shallow"), and neglect of a core part of myself (since I'd so heavily prioritized my analytical mind over my emotional awareness).

Knowing my real type allowed me to take specific action to turn all that around.

By getting to know how your specific mind works, you'll better understand what you need to be happy, what motivates you, what makes you lose energy, how you can best make decisions, and more.

Sound interesting? Scroll down to get your questions answered and apply for a free sample session with me.

(Or, if you really just want a one-off personality typing session, I highly recommend Personality Hacker's service.)

P.S. Here's my free educational series on the #1 skill I recommend all types learn to make the most of your life—especially Thinkers.


How can I work with you? How much do you charge?

Thanks for your interest in coaching with me. Below you'll find information on several types of offerings: one-on-one coaching, group coaching & workshops, and my blog.

One-on-One Coaching

I've thought a lot about the most logical, fair, and ethical way to price my services.

Conversations about money tend to bring out a lot of feelings (on both sides), and I want to approach that complexity with the nuance and care it deserves.

So, my pricing model requires just a little more work to understand than "pay me $X," but I hope you'll be willing to spend a few minutes reading through it.

If you're curious, I wrote a whole blog post where I break down in detail how I arrived at this set of policies, but below are the cliffsnotes.


My pricing philosophy and policies

My goal is to be able to serve a variety of people in my practice—including people from groups who have typically had less access to coaching.

At the same time, this is my primary source of income and I need to be able to run a sustainable business.

Here's the model I've arrived at:

  • Sliding-scale (variable pricing):

    I offer the same service at multiple prices based on need. I’m relying on the honor system, and paying the highest price you can afford allows me to offer the lower-cost options to people who couldn't otherwise afford coaching.

  • Pay for sessions in bundles of three:

    This simplifies payments for both of us, and I've found that it makes our relationship feel less transactional. Plus, it takes at least a few sessions to really begin to see the effects of coaching. (Yes, you’ll likely leave even the first session with some powerful insights, but real transformation takes time.) If paying for three sessions at once feels challenging for you, let's talk about it.

  • First session is free:

    Before asking you to pay anything, let's make sure we're the right fit for each other. So much of coaching comes down to trust, chemistry, and connection. Each coach has a different style, so I want to make sure you feel comfortable with mine.

  • Commit to at least two sessions per month:

    Most of my clients choose to see me every week, but I've found that twice a month is the *minimum* cadence necessary for the strong relationship that I build with my clients. It helps me feel aware of what's going on in your life so I'm better able to support you. And, you'll make faster progress toward your goals.

  • Most importantly, let’s be real with each other:

    I’m not a big faceless corporation charging one fixed price for a product, and you’re a complex human with a lot of different types of expenses in your life. It’s often uncomfortable to talk about money, but let’s have a real authentic conversation about what you can afford that’s fair to both of us. Let's come at this as a team trying to solve a challenge together.


My Sliding Scale

These numbers and rules aren’t set in stone. But it's hard to answer if I just ask you which number feels right. So, I've offered some tangible examples to make it easier (and there's some wiggle room around the salary ranges if you have a lot of other non-luxury expenses, e.g., out-of-pocket medical costs).

Please do your own research if you'd like a comparison for coaching rates, but I can tell you that $200-500 USD is a common price charged by my peers with similar experience and credentials.

Here are my rates for a 50-minute session (again, this is the same service being offered at each price tier):

Which one best describes your situation?

  • You regularly make virtually any type of purchase (excluding major ones like cars) without needing to save up
  • or
  • You're in a financial position to pay this rate, which allows me to offer coaching to an additional client from a marginalized background at a greatly reduced price
  • or
  • You make roughly: $170,000 or higher USD per year (before tax, including bonuses, etc.)

$249 USD
(standard rate A)

  • You regularly make $200+ USD purchases (beyond necessities like groceries) without needing to save up
  • or
  • You can afford to go on an international vacation every year (staying at hotels, eating out)
  • or
  • You make roughly: $120,000 or higher USD per year (before tax, including bonuses, etc.)

$179 USD
(standard rate B)

  • You regularly make $50+ USD purchases (beyond necessities like groceries) without needing to save up
  • or
  • You can afford to go on a modest vacation every few years (staying at hotels, eating out)
  • or
  • You make roughly: under $120,000 USD per year (before tax, including bonuses, etc.)

$129 USD
(limited slots)

  • You identify as part of a historically marginalized group such as LGBTQIA+ or BIPOC (or the equivalent in your country, i.e., systemic discrimination based on race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability status, etc.)
  • AND
  • You have very little disposable income available after paying for basic necessities (rent, utilities, groceries, etc.)
  • AND
  • You make under $50,000 USD per year (before tax, including bonuses, etc.)

$49 USD
(very limited slots)

(I'm a big fan of crypto, so I'm open to receiving payment in ETH or BTC—or potentially other cryptocurrencies—as well. Let me know if you're interested and we can talk about how to set that up.)

Group Coaching, Workshops, and Free Content

I'm not currently offering any group coaching, but it's likely that the next cohort I open up will be available only to current and former one-on-one coaching clients.

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If paid coaching doesn't fit into your current financial situation, you can check out my free tools and blog posts.