New Year’s Check-In Exercise

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(I wrote all this with the end of the year in mind, but you can do this exercise at any time. Similarly, my attitude toward New Year’s resolutions is that there’s no reason to wait for a new year—if you have something you want to change in your life, the best time to start is right now.)

Each year, I like to reflect back on the previous year: What did I learn? What might I want to do differently next year? How is my life going?

I’m not a big believer in setting goals for five or ten years in the future. But, if I don’t set aside time at least once or twice a year to make sure my compass is pointed in the right direction, it can begin to feel like life is just happening to me instead of me being in the driver’s seat.

Over the years, I’ve gathered a variety of tools and questions for doing that compass-setting, and I synthesized it all into a worksheet for my coaching clients.

After I emailed it out to them this year though, I realized that there’s no good reason to restrict it to that small group. I’d rather create abundance than scarcity, so I’m excited to share it with anyone who visits this webpage:

Access my worksheet here (it should automatically create a copy of the original Google Doc so you can easily edit it yourself).

Please feel free to share it with anyone in your life who might benefit. And, if you found it valuable, I’d love to hear about your biggest takeaways in the comments below. Thanks for visiting!



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