Your #1 challenge as an xNTP: Endless ideas, no follow-through

You want to do everything so you end up not finishing any one thing. Ready to learn how to find consistent, energizing motivation—to go from procrastination and indecision to action and avoiding regret?

You know how it’s always easier to see solutions to other people’s challenges than your own?

What if you could have a small group of 3-5 trusted people committed to supporting you with your challenges—offering you perspectives that would be hard to see from where you are in the thick of it—week after week?

But most other people don’t understand you, right? You’re an NTP, so your mind works differently—faster, connecting the dots.

What if the small group of committed people were all fellow NTP's? Intelligent, open-minded people who love seeing different perspectives, learning from each other, and pursuing innovative new ideas.

What if this group were hand-picked and vetted by me, and they were all right where you are: something's been holding them back, but they're ready to take action if they can overcome that?

And what if you were all given 6 weeks of intensive training based on the latest neuroscience and cognitive behavioral psychology to teach you how to shift your state of mind like a Jedi?

Intrigued? Keep reading, because you're the first to hear about my brand new offering—exclusively for INTP's and ENTP's who have taken my personality test.

Is this familiar?

I've heard from hundreds of NTP's and worked with many of them one-on-one in my coaching practice. Plus, I'm an ENTP myself, so I deeply resonate with the core challenges we all face.

I'm betting that—as I did (and still do sometimes!)—you struggle with some variation of these issues:

You overthink everything. You're pulled in so many directions that you can't make decisions.

  • It feels like your life and career could go in infinite directions. How can you choose?
  • Even when you do manage to choose, you often worry that you'll regret the choice you made. What if you didn't pick the optimal path?
  • It's hard to decide where to focus your energy—to commit to just one thing. How can you decide what's most important?

You want to finish what you start. But motivation is hard and you procrastinate.

  • It's hard to maintain your energy, motivation, and willpower. It makes you feel unsuccessful or lazy.
  • You deeply value your freedom, but it feels like you could use some structure or routine.
  • You start a dozen different projects but lose interest and move on to something else.

Confidence can be tricky, and you're always judging yourself and others.

  • You blame yourself a lot and feel insecure. Deep down, you wish you could feel a sense of acceptance and self-love.
  • You have a bad case of impostor syndrome—and you worry about being found out. You feel misunderstood and worry what people think of you.
  • You often hide your true self and can come across as arrogant when you actually just feel lonely and want to find authentic, interesting people so you can belong.

What if it didn't have to be like that?

Michael Caloz Headshot

Ever since I read The Four-Hour Workweek over a decade ago, I was a huge fan of lifehacking. I read all the major books in the genre. I tried a GTD system. I listened to all the famous podcasts. And yes, there’s a lot of awesome stuff in there.

But if I’m being really honest with myself, the main thing that came out of all that was overwhelm—not persistent motivation and greater impact.

I finished every chapter and every podcast episode with yet another todo list—the 10 things I should do for the perfect morning routine, the 20 most important foods to eat, the 50 best books to read, etc. etc.

It felt endless, and it left me feeling drained. So what’s the solution?

You don't want to miss out on the best possible life

In my experience, true life transformation is not a one-time event where you read one particular book that changes everything. It's more of a continuous practice like going to the gym or practicing learning a new language—it takes coming back again and again.

You're much more likely to keep doing that hard work if you're part of a group of like-minded people that meets regularly. And you're much more likely to find the individual nuggets of knowledge that will truly work for you from fellow NTP's rather than an author who's trying to reach a wide audience.

I spent a lot of my 20's lurking on Reddit and Quora hoping to find answers. But what I’ve noticed about the most successful NTP's—including leaders at famous tech companies who I've worked with directly—is that they see the immense value in working with others, whether that’s a life coach, a personal trainer, or a tight-knit community of people they can bounce ideas off of and get regular feedback from.

Getting to the root

You might frame your challenge in different ways:

  • Trouble with time management
  • Lack of motivation
  • Low energy
  • Low performance at work
  • Staying stuck at the idea phase and never fully implementing
  • Worrying about death or that you're wasting your life
  • Feeling lonely, disconnected, isolated, and not part of something greater
  • Worrying that you're not achieving your potential

But I believe that solving all of those issues requires the same first steps: expertly honing your self-awareness, becoming intimately familiar with the patterns that hold you back, and developing the self-mastery to overcome them—all while having support and accountability from people you trust.

Here's how we'll do all that.

Introducing Synthesis—exclusively for INTP's and ENTP's

Part 1: Jedi training

Solving your #1 problem

I’ve worked with a lot of INTP's and ENTP's, and our top problem by far is overwhelm: an overwhelming number of ideas, possibilities, decisions, and directions our lives could go.

The ability to see so much at once is the root of our greatest strengths (seeing perspectives, an innovative attitude, and creative problem-solving) and our greatest weaknesses (trouble finishing, committing, and making decisions).

Here's the thing: Seeing every possible connection is a very core part of our minds. This way of seeing things—which so often leads to overwhelm—is so deeply wired into us (via the Ne cognitive function) that any solution must be equally far-reaching.

This isn’t just a question of finding the answer in a book or a podcast. Passive learning is simply less effective, and less targeted. More importantly, the type of growth necessary here is less like learning a certain piece of information and more like committing to work out at the gym. Except, instead of working out your body, it’s working out your brain.

Learning skills taught to Google employees

Because this piece is so important, I’m partnering with the world’s expert on mental fitness, Shirzad Chamine (pronounced sure-zad sha-mean). I’ve tried all sorts of programs, but I was very impressed when I completed his last year. He takes concepts like mindfulness and introspection and packages it all together to be easily understandable, grounded in science and rationality, and immediately actionable.

I’m jaded when it comes to all the online programs available nowadays. In fact, the truth is that I had promised myself I was going to take a long break from spending money on any more of them. But, a friend highly recommended his so I gave it a chance. I learned a lot more than I expected about myself and others, and I went on to take his advanced-level training.

Shirzad is a professor at Stanford business school, a NY Times bestselling author, and the former president of the Co-Active Training Institute, the top executive coaching training program where I studied several years ago). He's worked with hundreds of CEO's and taught these skills at companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

This has been the most impactful training I have ever experienced. You develop powerful mental muscles to deal with challenges with much less stress and greater clarity, creativity, and resilience. —Adam McGraw, Sales VP & GM, American Express


Becoming a Jedi

There are three core components to Shirzad's mental fitness methodology (which he calls Positive Intelligence):

  1. Learning how your individual brain sabotages you
  2. Developing the self-mastery to stop that sabotage in its tracks
  3. Cultivating a more empowered state of mind that literally uses a different part of the brain

Imagine training to become a Jedi.

Putting aside any talk of midichlorians, think about Obi-Wan—that combination of fierce warrior spirit and calm, grounded wisdom.

A true Jedi is someone who can be in the thick of battle but still calmly feel an ability to command the situation—to track everything going on around them and within them, and to take decisive action when the moment is right. Not in an overbearing way, but with an easy clarity.

It's possible for you to learn that.

You'll be supported by Shirzad's custom smartphone app

The education portion of the Positive Intelligence program will be delivered via short videos you watch via an app. The app will also send you notifications throughout the day to do short practice exercises, and it will help you (and me) track your progress over time. It gamifies the learning process and gives you quantitative metrics for the core skills you'll be learning.

Personally, I've been trying to spend less and less time on my phone, but I still found this particular app to be very useful when I went through the program.

This is not "brain training" (that whole genre of sudoku-style apps that supposedly train your brain to work better)

In some ways, this is the opposite. We're not going to be training your brain to work more quickly. We're going to be teaching you how to use a different part of your mind entirely—a kind of meta-level view where you learn to observe your thoughts and make different choices when those thought patterns aren't serving you.

The app will be more like a digital coach helping you stay on track rather than having you do brain-teaser puzzles.

Prefrontal cortex

What's the science behind this?

I'm glad you asked. As a fellow NTP, naturally you want to see the evidence.

The three-step process I outlined earlier is deceptively simple, but there’s a huge amount of research behind it, and there are a lot of nuances that we’ll teach you. This is all based on the latest research in neuroscience, performance science, and cognitive behavioral psychology. (To put it very simply, a big part of it is about training yourself to move from the brainstem and limbic system to the prefrontal cortex.)

The methodology came directly out of Shirzad's research involving 400,000 people, including fMRI results showing increased grey matter in a region of the brain responsible for self-control—after only 6-8 weeks of daily practice.

You can read more about the science on Shirzad's website.

Bottom line: You'll be learning the same techniques that Shirzad and I teach to top-performers like Fortune 500 executives and elite athletes. This stuff works.

Insider access

Remember: You won't be alone. You’ll be going through the program with a small group of like-minded NTP's that I’ve personally curated.

And I'll be right there with you facilitating your group. Each week, we'll come together for an hour. I'll guide you through the content, offer insider tips about what you've been learning, and make sure you're getting the most out of all the exercises. We'll make sure that you're able to apply the skills you're developing to your life specifically.

Structure (weeks 2-8):

7 weeks of intensive skill-building with a total commitment of ~3 hours/week

Each week:
  • Watch 1 hour of short videos from Shirzad on your own (through the app)
  • Listen to Shirzad's included audiobook through the app (or get the print copy) at your own pace (but one chapter a week works for most people)
  • Each weekday: Through the app, do five ~2-minute exercises daily spread out throughout the day (repetition is critical to really internalize the lessons)
  • Meet with our pod for 1 hour each week to discuss how it's going, share tips & tricks, and help each other overcome struggles

With me so far? There's more.

Part 2: Junto (optional)

Now that you've honed your new skills, part 2 of the program will focus on making tangible progress toward your individual goals.

(It's also 100% ok if you don't have a firm goal, passion, or clear direction yet. I'll help you figure that out.)

By this point, the group will share a common vocabulary to talk about mental fitness. You'll understand each other's most common struggles. And you'll have practiced shifting your own mental state when you feel stuck.

We'll be spreading out the sessions at this point to give you more time to take action between meetings. You'll be putting the lessons you learned over the past 7 weeks into practice, and your group-mates will be there with you every step of the way to keep you on track and support you when you stumble.


Named after "Junto" (Latin for "to join"), the group created by Benjamin Franklin, the quintessential NTP

I had form'd most of my ingenious acquaintance into a club of mutual improvement, which we called the Junto. —Benjamin Franklin, 1727

What will this group do for you?

New perspectives, ideas, and advice—from people who get it

In a world with so many S's, I know how it feels to immediately dismiss the advice you get from most people.

But this is a group of people who think like you do—they have very similar minds. And through their different life experiences, they’ll be able to offer you valuable new perspectives.


Feel supportive accountability

The biggest problem NTP's have is lack of follow-through. We have infinite ideas but trouble taking action and finishing. This group will hold you accountable to make real progress—to finally finish that thing that’s been on your todo list forever.

But this won’t be "drill sergeant" accountability (remember, this is a bunch of fellow NTP's who love freedom). It'll be more like a support network to cheer you on. And as you spend time together, you'll want to bring your best, both to support yourself and each other.


Work with fellow growth scholars

Everyone here will be Jedi apprentices who have already completed the mental fitness program.

As you continue to practice those skills, it will be valuable to be surrounded by people who know the same terminology and are going through the same exercises as you. As NTP's, you'll all be facing similar challenges, so you can share tips, tricks, and empathy as you go.


Consistent coaching from an expert

I’ve worked with a lot of INTP's and ENTP's over the years, and I’ve seen what works and what doesn't. I’ll be there every step of the way to call you on limiting beliefs, question the stories you hold, offer my own advice that's worked for me and other NTP's, and synthesize what the group is honing in on.

As a fellow NTP who's struggled with possibility overload, I'm on the same journey you are—just a few steps ahead since I've made mindfulness and coaching the primary focuses of my life.


Real fun and deep connection

Making friends as an adult is hard, and it can be especially challenging for us NTP's when we have such high standards for conversation. We want to engage with other smart people and go deep.

This group will skip the small-talk and keep things interesting. 

Structure (weeks 9-16):

  • 8 weeks, with a total commitment of ~3-4 hours/week
  • Every two weeks: Our group meets for 2 hours
  • In between sessions: Based on what we discussed in the session, you'll spend however long it takes you to make active steps toward your goals (count on at least 1-2 hours a week for that)
I'm ready (find out how to apply)
or, keep reading

Maybe you've tried coaches or therapists who haven't worked for you. Here's why you can trust me

I've been very successful in my career, so I know how to play the game
  • I was a core game designer on one of the top-rated PS3 video games of all time, and I worked at two top-tier game studios (Naughty Dog and Square Enix)
  • I won an Emmy, and I worked with people like Academy Award-winning director Ridley Scott (Blade Runner, Alien, Gladiator) and even Mr. Rogers
  • I’ve managed multimillion-dollar projects and coached leaders and teams at Fortune 100 companies—including some of the most famous brands in the world (names withheld for confidentiality, but I guarantee you’re very familiar with quite a few of them)
As a coach, I've helped my clients...
  • Get promoted at work, and win their dream jobs
  • Create and live their life purposes, find their deepest values, and discover deep needs they didn't realize they had
  • Save their marriages, get out of toxic relationships, and become better parents
  • Connect with people more deeply, create more authentic friendships, and find communities where they finally belong
I'm skilled at facilitating groups and coaching NTP's
  • I created one of the most popular personality typing websites on the Internet (over 100,000 users over the past year)
  • I've successfully coached a variety of types of groups through tough challenges:
    • technical teams trying to deal with immense complexity and meet tricky deadlines,
    • teams of leaders developing their capacity to inspire and lead effectively, and
    • groups of people from all sorts of backgrounds wanting to develop skills for more authentic relating and vulnerable communication
  • I’ve worked with dozens of people one-on-one (mostly INTP's and ENTP's), including: software developers, doctors, analysts, real estate agents, retirees, yoga teachers, students, marketers, freelancers, startup founders, and more
I know what it's like to struggle as an NTP

For most of my adult life, I felt a deep sense of emptiness inside. An objective outside observer would say that I had an amazing life and career, but I felt a dark void in my gut that told me something was very wrong—I just couldn’t figure out what.

I convinced myself that it was simply the curse of being smart

I knew that a lot of famous inventors and scientists throughout history had struggled with depression, so I told myself that was just what life was like for people like me.

sitting in a temple in japan
I was able to completely reshape my life, and you can too

Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore, and I spent three years fully devoting myself to taking dramatic action to explore radically different options for changing my experience. I learned a lot along the way, but the #1 thing I discovered my life was missing was community—a sense of belonging, being welcomed, and feeling part of something.

That might seem trite, but it took me years to believe it deep down. I'd convinced myself that I was smarter and better than other people. I never felt truly seen and understood, so I dreaded social events.

When I finally found my people, that began to change everything

Three years later, I went from living in a studio apartment and spending most of my free time on Reddit to living with 6 other people in an intentional community house I created with my amazing partner.

I quit my highly-successful job to create my own business and pursue my passion—away from micromanagement, and with the freedom to work on my own schedule and follow whatever topic feels exciting to me.


Jeff (ENTP), senior engineer at a major tech company, speaking about the Synthesis program:

Jared (INTP), Agile transformation coach & engineering manager at a global tech company, speaking about the Synthesis program:

The session was amazing, and you made it that way. It’s readily apparent that you pour much of your heart and energy into these workshops. Your kindness and hopefulness is projected in each moment. You care about each person on the team. Thank you for all the help and coaching, and I look forward to more. —Don, Tech Lead
Everything is falling into place and I feel good. Thanks so much for your help. —Johanna, Lawyer
Michael listened and wanted to know what would work for us. He didn't just give us a cookie cutter training. He simplified concepts in a way that allowed us to understand. —Feedback from workshop for executives
You presented what can be difficult content in a thorough, thoughtful and relatable way. You handled a topic with a lot of stigma attached to it with such great care. —Allison, I&D Consultant
Michael did an incredible job to shed light on an important, complicated topic that due to sensitivity is not easy to discuss. He presented it in a thoughtful way by pausing often and using a slow pace to create the appropriate space for the conversation in the room. It helped to show the magnitude and weight of this topic. —Lindsey, Health & Wellness Consultant
I kept walking away with one refreshing insight after another... His inquisitive nature and mannerisms are a refreshing blend of friendly banter, humor, and understanding that are hard to find and very much appreciated.

There is great peace of mind in knowing that at least one person outside of my family can be absolutely trusted with my most confidential musings about my career. I can’t thank Michael enough, and I wholeheartedly encourage you to take advantage of his gift.

—Ryan, Director at a Fortune 10 Company
In relatively short notice, Michael stepped in and led our Senior Leadership Team through a very impactful workshop on an incredibly important topic. We couldn't have started this journey without him. —Trever, Senior Technology Director
Michael is an incredible facilitator. I've learned so much from him as well as benefited directly from his experience. With the client, I've watched how he helped shift the culture. Michael just facilitated the best retrospective I've ever been a part of. Going into the meeting, I internally questioned what it would accomplish. By the end, I realized the incredible value of a retrospective when everyone is willing to be open and honest. Learning from Michael has been amazing. He doesn't just go through the motions but embodies the spirit behind the events in question. —Amy, Senior Technology Consultant
You were SUPER great at teaching a lot of information in a short amount of time. —Dana, Small Business Owner
Nearly every person said ‘That is a really good question’ at some point to Michael's questions. His ability to tune into the emotional undertones… invited participants to share more fully/vulnerably. His deep listening and ability to summarize helped us move the session forward with alignment. His passion and expertise was clear. Michael was able to turn a challenging situation into a very positive outcome for the client. Michael’s behavior built a lot of trust with me around his high levels of competency, reliability, and empathy.
—Sam, Senior Project Manager


Is this program for me?

This is for you if:

  • You're an INTP or an ENTP wanting to make real change in your life.
  • You're able and willing to devote real time and energy to achieving your goals and being fully present during our sessions (i.e., not multitasking).
  • You have access to a stable Internet connection that will allow you to consistently show up on video for our sessions.
  • You'll be able to attend 80% of the sessions (see the FAQ section above for more on this).
  • (I know you probably love debate, but!) You're open to being interrupted if you talk for too long—both to make sure that we spend most of our time discussing instead of just listening to info-dumps, and to ensure that everyone has a turn in the spotlight.

This ISN'T for you if:

  • You're unwilling to move beyond your comfort zone and try on new ways of seeing yourself and the world.
  • Your schedule is completely full and you'll be frequently making excuses about why you couldn't make any progress between sessions.
  • You expect radical changes overnight. This group is for people who understand that real transformation takes time, and they're willing to put in the hard work to make it happen.
  • You're living with serious mental illness that you're not getting professional help for. This group isn't oriented around psychotherapy, so if you have a mental health issue that would severely impact your ability to show up, I encourage you to please prioritize your well-being and find a mental health professional. That said, if you're dealing with something like less severe depression or anxiety that feels manageable, this group might still work for you.
  • You'd face serious financial hardship paying for this (see cost information in the next section). This group is for people who are serious about personal growth, so it's ok if paying for this would require some sacrifice (maybe you decide to delay a non-essential purchase you've been wanting to make). But if paying for this would put you in debt, this isn't for you.

Here's what you get in part 1:

  • A mastermind group of 3-5 hand-picked NTP's to support you along your 8-week journey
  • Shirzad Chamine's full Positive Intelligence program
  • 7 weeks of weekly group sessions & videos, and daily content through the Positive Intelligence app (including metrics and charts to track your progress, guided exercises you can practice as often as you like, and an audiobook copy of Shirzad's NY Times bestselling book, Positive Intelligence, listenable through the app)
  • A one-on-one coaching session with me (50 minutes) at the beginning of the program
  • You'll be the first to hear about any new programs, material, and tools I develop (e.g., early beta access to any new versions of my Myers-Briggs personality test)

Remember: This is the same quality of group coaching that I offer senior leaders at Fortune 500 companies and charge several times the price.

Here's what you get in part 2:

  • Continued support from your mastermind group for the remaining 9 weeks
  • An additional 9 weeks' worth of new daily content in the PQ app to go even deeper into Positive Intelligence
  • 9 weeks of bi-weekly group coaching sessions with fellow NTP's and me (an expert facilitator who teaches these same skills at the world's top companies) where we focus on supporting you in achieving your big goals (or helping you find them if you don't have ones yet that inspire you)
  • Discussions and guides related to NTPs' most common pain points like todo lists and decision-making
  • Another one-on-one coaching session with me (50 minutes) whenever it feels most supportive
  • My step-by-step guide for how to meditate, including specific tips and tricks I've learned the hard way as I worked for the past ten years to learn this skill (but, after working through all that, meditation is now one of my very top recommendations to transform your life)

Investment for part 1:

Typical price: $1,497 total

Scholarship opportunities: Scroll down

Early bird price: $497 / month (for 2 months, a total of $994)

I don't want early bird pricing to come across as a sales tactic to create a sense of artificial scarcity. Rather, it's coming from (a) a logistical need to make sure I have time to properly create the groups, and (b) a deep understanding of NTP's.

I don't want you to agonize over this decision all week, and I also don't want you to forget about this as soon as something else grabs your attention. I really believe in this program, and I want you to be able to experience it.

Investment for part 2 (optional):

$297 / month (for 2 months, a total of $594)

Not everyone can afford $1,588 (even if that cost is spread out across four months). Also, four months might seem like too long a commitment for some of you.

So, you can go through part 1 first and then decide if you want to continue on for part 2 as well.

I believe that you'll benefit the most by sticking with it through both parts—but, no obligation.

(Note: If not enough people in a given mastermind group want to continue on from part 1 to part 2, you'll have the option of joining another group for part 2 in the future.)

Can't afford that? Scholarship opportunities:

Just like with my coaching practice, I want to do what I can to make my offerings accessible to as many people as possible.

Does this sound like you?

  • You have very little disposable income available after paying for basic necessities (rent, utilities, groceries, etc.).
  • You make roughly: Under $60,000 USD per year (before tax, including bonuses, etc.).

If so, I'm willing to offer a substantial discount on the program, up to 50% off, depending on your situation.

If you're interested: Please apply to the program as usual below, but mention that you'd like to apply for the scholarship. Please also include just a a brief overview of your financial situation or what makes it challenging for you to afford the regular price.

Here's how this all fits together

Part 1:

  • Week 1: Kick-off session to get to know each other, and one-on-one coaching session with me
  • Weeks 2-8: Intensive skill-building ("Jedi training") using the app, including a weekly 60-minute video from Shirzad, daily app-guided exercises, and weekly 60-minute group meetings led by me

At this point, some people might choose to stop, and that's ok. But I truly believe that lasting change requires continual practice, and the best way to get that is by continuing on with a group of like-minded people who will support you and hold you accountable.

Part 2:

  • Weeks 9-16: Bi-weekly two-hour group coaching sessions led by me. We slow down the pace of meeting here because you'll now be using the skills you learned to make real progress on your goals, so you'll need time between sessions to take action
  • Week 17: Bonus wrap-up session to synthesize everything we've accomplished together


Apply for the Synthesis program

To recap, here's what this is:

  • My brand new program exclusively for INTP's and ENTP's to help you overcome your #1 challenge in life: procrastination, possibility overwhelm, and indecision
  • An in-depth 17-week program to transform the way you experience yourself and the world around you. This will help with everything from making decisions more easily, to feeling more confident, connecting more easily with other people, dealing with the overwhelm of too many ideas, and improving your ability to take action and beat procrastination
  • A "Jedi training" program created by the world's top expert on mental fitness, Shirzad Chamine—Stanford professor and coach of hundreds of CEO's—that uses the latest neuroscience research to teach you self-mastery
  • Step-by-step guidance through a combination of Shirzad's smartphone app, metrics to keep you on track, daily exercises, weekly videos, and weekly group meetings with your fellow NTP's led by me
  • Junto meetings to deep dive with your groupmates into challenges you're facing, and the opportunity to regularly receive support and actionable advice from those fellow NTP's and me
Think about a big goal you've had for a while

Maybe it's a way you want your life to feel. A way you want to be able to show up to challenging situations. Maybe it's a real sense of freedom, like escaping micromanagement and reaching financial independence.

Maybe it's making a bigger impact. Confidence. Better relationships. Being able to fully feel your feelings. To experience self-love.

Maybe it's knowing that you're on the right path. Making the right decisions. Living your purpose.

Whatever it is, don't limit yourself—think big

Maybe this is something you've been imagining will be possible many years down the line.

I know this might be hard to believe from where you're sitting right now, but I want to share something with you:

Several years ago, I had a vision for what I wanted my life to be like someday. To feel deep connection and belonging. To fill the existential void I experienced everyday as a constant low-level anxiety. To feel excited about my work and able to do it on my own schedule.

I truly believed it would take me 5-10 years to get there. But I devoted myself to achieving that goal and I was able to do it in only two years. Sure, it might not have been the full 100% of what I was imagining, but it's a solid 80%.

What have you been putting off as "maybe someday" that might be possible a lot sooner?

Key dates:

Registration has closed for the first cohort, but I'll be accepting applications on a rolling basis for the next one. Please apply below and you'll be the first to hear when it's ready.

When will we meet each week?

Time of day will depend on who we end up with in the group. When you apply, you'll have the option of indicating several times that would work best for you. I'll take all that into account as I assemble the group(s).

Again, I'll try my very best to find a time that works for everyone, but you'll be joining a community of other people here, and part of making this a priority in your life might mean shuffling some commitments on your end so you can consistently attend.

Don't worry: You'll be able to see the final meeting time before you actually pay, so you can make sure it works for your schedule.

Application process:

  1. Apply: Click the link below to fill out the form. (Remember: You don't have to pay yet; but, the date you apply will determine whether or not you qualify for the early bird discount.)
  2. Fit Conversation: I'll carefully review all the applications. If you seem like a good fit, I'll invite you for a fit conversation over Zoom. This will be for both our benefits—you'll be able to get a feel for me and ask any questions you have, and I'll be able to get to know you a bit better to help me figure out which group you'll be most successful in.
  3. Invitation: If all that goes well, I'll invite you into the program.
  4. Payment: Once you pay, I'll send you some intake materials and the calendar invites to our sessions.
  5. Begin: We'll all embark our journey together.

Ready to take the leap?

Let's do this! Apply now