As a multi-passionate, future-oriented thinker, your amazing mind is a double-edged sword…

  • You have constant new ideas, so it’s hard to stay focused to finish them. You know you have so much potential, but you keep running out of motivation.
  • You see multiple perspectives, so decision-making is hard (even for things that should be simple). You judge yourself and others harshly.
  • You get stuck in repeating cycles—things go well for a while, but then you're back to low-energy emptiness. Habits are hard, and it feels like you're waiting for your "real" life to start.

What if you could find consistent, energizing motivation?

Transform procrastination, indecision, and regret, into easeful, confident action?


I've spent 5 years studying this exact set of problems (and helping hundreds of clients solve them).

I discovered something huge: Those issues all have the same root.

My Synthesis program targets that root to help you begin solving all these challenges at once. 

I struggled for most of my adult life with overthinking, decision-making, and motivation.

This program is specifically built upon the combination of skills and environmental factors that finally worked for me.

Sound like this might be right for you too? Read on.

Is this familiar?

You overthink everything. Even simple decisions are hard.

  • It feels like your life and career could go infinite ways. How can you choose? How can you settle on a life purpose?
  • It's hard to decide where to focus your energy. You want to do everything, so you end up not committing to anything. How can you decide what's most important?
  • Even when you do manage to pick something, you look back and question it. What if you didn't pick the optimal path?

Motivation is tricky. Habits don't stick. You procrastinate.

  • You have big ideas, but your willpower drains away. You know you're capable, but you often feel lazy. You compare yourself to others and worry that you've fallen behind.
  • You deeply value freedom, so it's hard to maintain habits. You don't want to feel forced into a routine, but your life often feels chaotic without it.
  • You feel incomplete at the end of the day (or week), but you're not sure exactly why. It feels like there's always more that you could (or should) be doing.

You get bored. It's hard to find interesting people and deeply connect.

  • You feel different from other people. Confusingly, sometimes you feel better than them, but sometimes you worry about whether you're good enough.
  • You worry about being "found out" as some kind of impostor. Deep down, you just wish you could experience a sense of acceptance and self-love.
  • You can come across as arrogant, but you just want to skip the small talk and explore big ideas with interesting people.

What if it didn't have to be like that?


You're not alone.

Nearly a million people a year take my personality test.

Thousands of them have let me know they struggle with this set of challenges.

In fact, I spent most of my adult life in the same boat. All those bullet points above are taken from my real experience.

Finally, I couldn't take it anymore.

I devoted five years to systematically studying these challenges and finding the way out.

Good news.

I had to learn this the hard way, but I discovered something amazing:

There's one key foundational issue behind all of our challenges.

Imagine a tree.

Each branch is a challenging situation in your life (or a difficult decision you’ve had trouble making).

The typical approach is to use your analytical mind to attempt to optimize every single one of those branches separately.

But a much more efficient option is to trace all those branches down to their common root.

Here's what you've been getting wrong:

What makes all your challenges hard can't be solved by rational analysis alone.

What truly makes them hard is how they feel in your body.

I'm guessing you don't think of yourself as an overly emotional person, right?

Therefore, feelings can't be the answer you've been missing?

I used to think that way too, but after working with hundreds of Thinker types, I've come to realize how thoroughly most of us miss the truth:

Your brilliant mind is not fully in control.

If it were, you could simply command yourself to finish tasks that are important but unpleasant.

You could command yourself to stop feeling lonely, or to stop being depressed or anxious.

But that's ridiculous, right?

It all comes down to one thing: your state.

For example, when you're in a drunk or exhausted state, you can't expect to operate at peak level.

Similarly, you won't be productive & impactful unless you're in the right emotional state.


The root-level solution is developing the mindful resilience to shift your state.

It's the ability to:

  1. Quickly notice what’s happening for you in the moment ("Oh, I'm experiencing a fight/flight/freeze/fawn response!");
  2. Identify and deal with the feelings that come up, including ones that have been numbed out of your conscious awareness;
  3. Recover from those challenging feelings and stay focused on what you're trying to accomplish.

It's deceptively simple.

But this was my hypothesis: that those three abilities are the foundational tools necessary for multi-passionate future-thinkers like you and me to succeed at anything.

I've tested that hypothesis on dozens of clients now, and it's held true across a wide variety of life situations and struggles.

Once I confirmed my hypothesis, the question became: How can I best support people in developing that set of skills?

Here's my answer.

Introducing Synthesis—my deep-dive training program to build mental resilience.

This goes way beyond the typical ways you learn.

I used to listen to every single episode of Tim Ferriss, Andrew Huberman, and other "life optimization" podcasts and audiobooks.

They're awesome. But after a while, I realized that I finished each episode feeling overwhelmed:

  • 10 steps for the perfect morning routine;
  • 20 important superfoods to eat regularly;
  • And so many other lists of actions to take.

I realized the information was great, but I wasn't actually putting it into practice.


Why aren't podcasts, articles, and books effective enough? Two main problems:

  1. Passive learning is simply less effective. It's less customized to your specific needs, and it's harder to keep paying attention without multitasking.
  2. The "lifehacking" world reinforces the idea that you're searching for a magic bullet. Again, I think people like Ferriss and Huberman are great. But I've noticed something in myself and people I coach: We can't help but hope that the next episode will hold the key we've been waiting for. That it's finally going to solve our problems.
Here's the truth: Real life transformation is not a one-time event.

It doesn't come out of an epiphany or "one special trick" from a podcast or book.

Real change comes from continuous skill-building.

It's like studying flashcards every day to learn a new language, or regularly doing weightlifting reps at the gym.

So what's the solution? Continuous, structured practice coupled with ongoing support and accountability.

It's going to the gym—every single day—but for your mind (i.e., mental fitness training).

And, not going alone, but being part of a "group fitness class."

And not just any group, but a small cohort of like-minded people that meets consistently for months.

That's what's necessary to truly address the challenges you've struggled with for years.

In this program, we'll combine all those strategies to optimize your learning:

  1. Passive learning (videos, a book, etc.);
  2. Active learning (putting the skills into practice every single day via structured exercises);
  3. One-on-one coaching (monthly sessions with me);
  4. Mastermind group (weekly and then bi-weekly cohort sessions).

In a moment, I'll describe the program in detail.

But first, let's hear from previous cohorts:

Here's what past participants have said about this program:

Jeff (ENTP), senior engineer at a major tech company in the United States:

Daniel (ENFJ), recruiter in the United States:

Natalia (INTP), information systems officer for a government organization in the European Union:

I really enjoyed the programme.

This experience has been life-changing. Michael was very helpful, respectful and an interesting person that I looked forward to seeing every time.

I'm going to keep working on practicing empathy without compromising dreams.

Jared (INTP), Agile transformation coach & engineering manager at a global tech company in Germany:

Zihan (ENTP), product manager at a top entertainment company and startup CEO in the United States:

The framework was simple yet all-encompassing, and it was straightforward and compelling to not only digest and internalize but also put into everyday practice.

I also really enjoyed the supportive community we formed - it really felt like I was not going through this journey alone.

I’m eager to put all that I learned into practice and apply it to different aspects of my life.

Mitchell (ENFP), physician, and director of a specialist program at one of the top hospitals in the United States:

I think many people recognize the benefits of mindfulness, or of recognizing our self-limiting thoughts, or of listening to our higher selves.

What positive intelligence attempts to do is to bring those three ideas out into our daily lives and experiences, so that we can more honestly see ourselves and others in the moment, find our center in the turmoil of our daily life, and at least attempt to transition to the wisdom of our higher self when our immediate instinct would be unhelpful.

I think this is where mental health and spiritual growth and career guidance are all moving - into doing things more consciously and challenging our unhelpful thoughts.

This program succeeds in planting seeds that can help us achieve that, not just on the level of comprehending the goal, but in the midst of each day.

“Michael listened and wanted to know what would work for us. He didn't just give us a cookie cutter training. He simplified concepts in a way that allowed us to understand.”

—Anonymous feedback from a workshop for senior executives at a Fortune 1000 company

“In relatively short notice, Michael stepped in and let our Senior Leadership Team through a very impactful workshop on an incredibly important topic. We couldn't have started this journey without him.”

—Trever (INTP), technology director at a top management consulting firm

Part 1: Mental Fitness Training

Want to learn skills taught to leaders at Google and other top companies?

The first part of the program is focused on skill-building.

You'll be developing the mindful resilience I described earlier, which is the foundation of being able to shift your state.

Because this piece is so important, I've partnered with the world’s leading expert on mental fitness development.
  • Shirzad Chamine (sure-zad sha-mean) is a lecturer at Stanford business school, a NY Times bestselling author, and the former president of the Co-Active Training Institute (the most well-respected training program for executive coaching).
  • He's worked with hundreds of CEO's and taught these skills at companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon.
  • He and his team have packaged up all those lessons into a structured learning experience that's science-backed, approachable, and immediately actionable. This is what he calls Positive Intelligence.
I'm jaded too with "soft skills" courses, but Shirzad surprised me.

When I first heard him speak about Positive Intelligence several years ago, it made a lasting impact on me.

Years later, I still use those learnings every day.

And not in a fluffy "all the experiences of my life made me who I am today" kind of way.

I mean, literally, I consciously use those specific Positive Intelligence skills virtually every single day.

You'll learn how to identify and quiet the internal forces holding you back.

Positive Intelligence is a mental fitness program.

It offers specific, practical skills to develop your ability to remain mindful under stress, boost your self-awareness, and overcome the "Saboteur" voices you hear whispering negative things in your head.

We'll teach you things like:
  • The most common Saboteur archetypes (and which ones most affect you);
  • How to change the deeply-ingrained stories you have about yourself & the world; 
  • When pain or discomfort is useful and when it's not;
  • What the latest neuroscience research suggests you should do when you feel highly stressed;
  • And a lot more.
Shirzad's mental fitness methodology has 3 core parts:
  1. Learning how your individual brain sabotages you;
  2. Developing the self-mastery to stop that sabotage in its tracks;
  3. Learning how to shift into a more empowered state of mind (that literally uses a different part of the brain).
These won't just be more todos for "someday." We'll make it almost impossible for you to procrastinate.

You've probably heard a lot of great advice in podcasts and books.

But how much have you actually put into practice? If you're like me, most of those have gone into a "someday" pile.

This course is different. It's specifically designed to remind you throughout the day to practice specific skills.

Then, our group will come together weekly to discuss progress and reinforce your learning. I'll be checking your metrics, and I'll make sure you don't fall behind (in a caring way, not drill sergeanty).

This has been the most impactful training I have ever experienced. You develop powerful mental muscles to deal with challenges with much less stress and greater clarity, creativity, and resilience.

—Vice President, American Express

This is Jedi training.


Honestly, if Jedi were real, this is the type of training they would undergo.

The only difference:

Instead of attuning to the Force, you're learning to attune to your mind, body, and emotions. (Or, maybe that's pretty much what the Force is, after all?)

Putting aside any talk of midichlorians, think about what a Jedi really is—a combination of fierce warrior spirit and calm, grounded wisdom.

A true Jedi is someone who can remaind focused in the thick of battle.

Someone who can calmly take command of the situation.

Who can track everything going on around them (and within them), and take decisive action when the moment is right.

I won't promise that you'll get all the way there by the end of this course. But we'll be teaching you the path.

You'll be supported by a powerful app designed for this course.

It includes:

  • A new series of videos each week;
  • Spaced notifications throughout the day guiding you through short practice exercises;
  • On-demand tools in the Positive Intelligence Gym for when you need some extra support;
  • Learning gamification and quantitative metrics to track your progress;
  • Chat functionality to check in with our cohort as well as the global Positive Intelligence community;

(Maybe, like me, you've been trying to spend less time on your phone. I get it, and my students have still found this app super useful. I can help you adjust phone settings to block other distractions while you're using it.)

It's like having a digital coach helping you stay on track throughout the day.

This is not "brain training" like sudoku.

In some ways, it's the opposite.

We're not going to be training your brain to work more quickly.

We're going to be teaching you how to use a different part of your mind entirely.

To reach a kind of meta-level view where you observe your state and make different choices when your mental & emotional patterns aren't serving you.

The Positive Intelligence app
Prefrontal cortex

What's the science behind this?

As a fellow analytical thinker, you want to see the evidence.

The three-step process I outlined earlier (awareness ➡️ self-mastery ➡️ state-shifting) is deceptively simple.

But it's based on the latest research in neuroscience, performance science, and cognitive behavioral psychology. (To put it simply, we'll be training you to move from the brainstem & limbic system to the prefrontal cortex.)

The methodology came directly out of Shirzad's research involving 400,000 people, including fMRI results showing increased grey matter in a region of the brain responsible for self-control—after only 6-8 weeks of daily practice.

You can read more about the science on Shirzad's website.

Bottom line: You'll be learning the same techniques that Shirzad and I teach to top performers like Fortune 500 executives and elite athletes.

This stuff works.

The app is just one piece. You won't be going through this alone.

Your cohort will be with you every step of the way—a small group of like-minded people that I’ve personally curated.

Past participants have been pleasantly surprised by how similar they are to the other people I've assembled.

And I'll be right there with you facilitating your group meetings.

In Part 1, we'll meet weekly for an hour. I'll guide you through the content, offer insider tips about what you've been learning, and make sure you're getting the most out of all the exercises.

Part 1 - Structure (8 weeks):

The intensive skill-building of the first 8 weeks requires a total commitment of ~3 hours/week (divided up into lots of smaller chunks—see below).

The first week will be an intro session to get to know each other. After that...

Each week:
  • Watch 1 hour of short videos from Shirzad on your own (through the app);
  • Listen to Shirzad's NY Times bestselling audiobook through the app (or get the print copy) at your own pace;
  • Each weekday: Through the app, do five ~2-minute exercises spread out throughout the day (repetition is critical to internalize the lessons);
  • Each week: Meet with your small cohort for 1 hour to discuss how it's going, share tips & tricks, and help each other overcome struggles.

With me so far?

Part 2: Mastermind Group

Ok, we're 8 weeks in.

By now, you'll feel comfortable using your new skills every single day.

You'll have built new habits and routines.

You'll be seeing real changes in how you see yourself and the world around you.

(In fact, according to Shirzad's research on 400,000 people, 6-8 weeks is all it takes for many course participants to change their brains in ways that are visible in an fMRI machine.)

But habits don't tend to stick for you, right? That's where Part 2 comes in.

Starting in week 9, the program shifts:

  • At this point, we shift from skill-building to problem-solving. We begin to focus on helping you make tangible progress toward your specific goals and challenges. (It's also 100% ok if you don't have a firm goal, passion, or clear direction yet. I'll help you figure that out in our one-on-one sessions.)
  • You'll keep practicing daily exercises in the app to keep your skills sharp.
  • But we'll change the focus and format of our group sessions. They'll switch from 60 minutes to 90 minutes, and we'll spread them out to every other week—so you'll have time to take real action between meetings.

By this point, your cohort will share a common vocabulary to talk about mental fitness.

You'll understand each other's most common struggles.

And as you begin work on your tough challenges, they'll be there with you every step of the way to keep you on track and support you when you struggle.


What will a Mastermind group coaching experience give you?

(1) New perspectives and advice—from people who get it

The world is dominated by "S" types (people who tend toward the concrete & traditional rather than the abstract & innovative).

So I know how it feels to dismiss the advice you get from most people.

This group will be different.

I'm hand-picking people who think like you do.

People with different life experiences but similar minds.

People who can offer you valuable new ideas.

(2) Supportive accountability to make real progress

You have infinite ideas but trouble with follow-through.

This group will hold you accountable—to finally finish that thing that’s been on your todo list forever.

But this won’t be "drill sergeant" accountability (I hate that too!).

It'll be more like a support network to cheer you on.

A group of people who see your potential, believe in you, and want to see you succeed.

As you spend time together and grow closer, you'll want to bring your best to support each other.

(3) Work with fellow growth scholars

If you've struggled to find people in your life who are as passionate about personal growth, this is the solution.

You know how you become the average of the people you surround yourself by?

Everyone here will be "Jedi apprentices" who have already completed the mental fitness program.

As you learn these life-changing skills, you're going to want to stay surrounded by people who get it.

People who have learned the same terminology, gone through the same exercises, and faced similar challenges.

(4) Consistent coaching from someone who's done the work

People like you are my specialty.

I've worked with hundreds of multi-passionate, future-oriented thinkers from all over the world.

I've seen what works and what doesn't—through my own hard-won lessons and helping others.

I'll call you on your limiting beliefs, question the unhelpful stories you hold, and synthesize what I've seen work for my clients.

As an ENTP who struggled for years with overthinking everything, I'm on the same journey you are.

I'm just a few steps ahead since I've made been able to devote my professional life to this exploration.

(5) Real fun and deep connection

Making friends as an adult is hard.

It's especially challenging for big-thinkers like us who have high standards for conversations.

We want to engage with other smart people and go deep.

This group will skip the small-talk and keep things interesting. 

Part 2 - Structure (weeks 9-16):

  • 4 group sessions across 8 weeks (at a minimum, but most of my cohorts choose to keep their Mastermind group going for 6 months or longer because of how much they get out of it);
  • Every two weeks: Our group meets for 90 minutes;
  • In between sessions: At this point, you'll be expected to take real action on your goals based on commitments you'll make in each session (count on at least 1-2 hours a week for that). Plus, you'll be continuing on with more daily skill-building exercises in the app.
I'm ready (find out how to apply)

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I don't have time for all that. And 16 weeks?! I hate long commitments!

We're all busier than ever.

But how long have you been struggling with...

  • Overthinking everything instead of making decisions?
  • Running out of motivation and energy instead of getting things done?
  • Treading water instead of getting your ideas out into the world?

What you've been doing isn't working—otherwise you wouldn't still be reading.

So, has it been long enough? Are you sick of it?

Do you notice yourself waiting for something?

Do you have a fantasy that you'll feel less busy several months from now? Several years from now?

If now's not the right time, it's not the right time.

But, I encourage you to really ask yourself:

What specifically are you expecting to change before you take action and prioritize this?

Ok, but 16 weeks is a lot to ask... Does it really need to be that long?

Well, you've probably heard that a new habit takes 21 days to stick, right?

Sorry, that's not actually true. Research shows it's more like 66 days for the average new habit, and even longer for bigger changes.

So, if you want a big transformation to stick, it requires a big commitment.

This is about sticking together with a group of people who will hold you accountable until that happens.

16 weeks might seem like a long commitment.

But it’s the minimum effective dosage to actually change your life.

All that said, I know you really are busy.

So this program is designed to cut out the fluff and get right to the point.

We'll help you put your learning into practice immediately and turn it into a lasting habit.

We’ll deliver targeted lessons each day in as little time as possible to ensure you get results.

Have other programs or coaches failed you? Here's why I'll humbly ask you to trust me:

I'm an experienced coach, counselor, and group facilitator.
  • I’ve spent over a decade working with teams and leaders at top Fortune 500 companies (e.g., Google, Intel, Nike).
  • Outside the corporate world, I’ve helped people ranging from a Mount Everest record holder, to software engineers, students, aspiring entrepreneurs, doctors, and people who have no idea what their passion or purpose really is.
  • I created one of the most popular websites in the personality typing world—nearly a million people (from 193 countries) each year trust my test.
  • With over 400 logged hours of training, I have a background in both executive / life coaching (CTI Co-Active Coaching, Positive Intelligence) and counseling (Hakomi somatic mindfulness, R-CS Re-Creation of the Self). You can read more about my qualifications here.
I've been lucky enough to be very successful in my career, so I know what it takes to succeed at the highest levels.
  • I worked on some of the top-rated video games of all time at Square Enix and Naughty Dog;
  • I won an Emmy, and I worked with people like Academy Award-winning director Ridley Scott (Blade Runner, Gladiator) and even Mr. Rogers.
  • I’ve managed multimillion-dollar projects at Fortune 500 companies, including some of the world's most famous brands.
  • Nowadays, my coaching practice typically has a waitlist of over 50 people.
sitting in a temple in japan
I know what it's like to struggle as an 'N' type (especially an NTP)—to feel different, depressed, and even nihilistic.

For most of my adult life, I felt a deep sense of emptiness inside.

An objective, outside observer would say I had an amazing life and career.

But I felt a dark void in my gut that told me something was very wrong—I just couldn’t figure out what.

I convinced myself that it was simply the curse of being smart.

Depression and nihilism were just part of the package. Feeling happy all the time was for dumb, simplistic people.

After a while though, I couldn’t take it anymore...

I took dramatic action. Over three years, I pushed myself way outside my comfort zone, and I reshaped my life.

Here's something I didn't anticipate:

I discovered that the #1 thing I'd been missing was community—a sense of belonging, being welcomed, and feeling part of something.

That might seem trite.

But because I'd convinced myself that I was better than everyone else, it took me years to see the truth: that community was not only possible for me, but absolutely necessary.

When I finally found my people, everything began to fall into place.

I went from living in a studio apartment and spending most of my free time on Reddit, to living with 6 other people in an intentional community house I created with my amazing partner.

I quit my highly-successful job to create my own business and pursue my passion—away from micromanagement, and toward the freedom to work on my own schedule and follow whatever topic feels exciting to me.

Community was the critical thing that propelled me on this trajectory.

I'd like to offer you a taste of community here in this program—an opportunity to regularly connect and grow with like-minded people.

Are we the right fit to work together?

Dozens of studies have shown that the quality of relationship between client and therapist is the single biggest predictor of positive therapy outcomeseven more so than the specific modality the therapist is using.

I believe the same applies to coaching (and teaching too).

I also believe in the power of first impressions. In my experience, watching a coach or teacher speak for just a minute or two can be a pretty reliable indicator of how well they'll fit you and how comfortable you'll be learning from them.

So, let's give that a try now.

Here's a short clip from a recent one-on-one coaching session:

And here's my colleague Shirzad's TED Talk at TEDxStanford:

You can also read a lot more about me here.

What do you think—might we be the right fit for you?

I'm ready (find out how to apply)

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Here's what my coaching clients have shared with me:

ENFJMedical School Student turned psychotherapy grad school student:

I knew within 30 seconds of our first call that Michael was someone I wanted by my side.

Here was someone who could finally see me, as I truly was deep down. And that eventually helped me fully see myself.

Back then, it felt like life was acting upon me, and I was suffering professionally and in my relationships.

I really don’t feel any of that now. I had been grasping for solutions through a certain lens, and Michael helped me find a completely different set of lenses that make everything look different.

Those negative feelings haven’t all gone away entirely. But my reality has completely changed, and I feel so much more able to meet them those challenges.

ENTPEngineer Consultant:

Michael's program felt very much like Jedi training on Dagobah with Master Yoda.


I feel like I am in a great place now after our last session. Everything is falling into place and I feel good. Thanks so much for your help.

ESTPDirector at a Fortune 10 company:

I kept walking away with one refreshing insight after another. Michael admirably applies praise where deserved and tends to avoid positivity for positivity’s sake. He does not judge – he seeks to understand. His inquisitive nature and mannerisms are a refreshing blend of friendly banter, humor, and understanding that are hard to find and very much appreciated.

There is great peace of mind in knowing that at least one person outside of my family can be absolutely trusted with my most confidential musings about my career.

He has an uncanny ability to say something back to me in a way that’s more coherent than how I first said it. When I hear my thoughts stated back to me it brings a certain permanence, conviction, and power to them I am challenged to replicate on my own.

I can’t thank Michael enough, and I wholeheartedly encourage you to take advantage of his gift.

INFPSpeech-Language Pathologist:

I am floored.

This was truly a feeling I don't think I have ever felt before.  I have so much to think about after our session.

This was a truly wonderful experience, thank you.

INFJNurse turned photographer & sustainable garden designer:

Perhaps you are a person who gets sucked into tunnel vision and struggles to remain present and enjoy the process without obsessing over future outcomes. A person who wishes you had a translator for your own thoughts.

If so, time spent with Michael may be just what you need. His gentle, open-minded insights make him the perfect sounding board for intuitive persons who face the daily struggle of feeling misunderstood.

Michael has helped me to examine my own thought patterns and motivations more objectively. He is a truly gifted counselor, and time with him has proved to be a valuable step toward acquiring deeper self-knowledge.

INTPStartup Co-Founder & COO:

I’m getting stuck in overthinking so much less often.

It’s like my gut instinct is coming to me now with a whole army instead of just a few horsemen.

ENTPLiving the #vanlife:

I feel I have been heard. Michael is truly open minded. His responses were for me specifically and not just for all *NTPs. 

He has been a genuine and honest set of bricks to start building a foundation with. He conveys positive messages in a way that makes me consider them deeply.

I could walk away from working with him at any point and feel accomplished and sated, but I don't because every session has proven useful.

I couldn’t say he is everyone’s cup of tea because that does not exist, but if previous attempts at self improvement have gone poorly for you, I wouldn’t write off searching until you've looked into his offerings.

INFJSoftware Developer turned yoga teacher & entrepreneur:

I feel lucky to have Michael on my team. We started working together as I was planning a life transition. He supported me by guiding me past self-doubt and into my body's natural sense of where it wants to go — clarity.

In our ongoing work, Michael provides open-ended perspectives on situations that I can tend to see as more closed-off. He has so many tools, resources, and experiences that give me confidence that he can add a lot to my journey. Our sessions give me a boost and let me step forward with some really healthy attitudes.

ENTPSenior Salesforce Consultant:

The insights and ideas we shared together took me from a very restless and uncertain Point A, to the trail with a map and the makings of a plan, to a Point B that aligns with my values and needs.

For now, I will live in this moment that I’ve worked toward. Thank you for helping me get here.

“Michael listened and wanted to know what would work for us. He didn't just give us a cookie cutter training. He simplified concepts in a way that allowed us to understand.”

—Anonymous feedback from a workshop for senior executives at a Fortune 1000 company

“In relatively short notice, Michael stepped in and let our Senior Leadership Team through a very impactful workshop on an incredibly important topic. We couldn't have started this journey without him.”

—Trever (INTP), technology director at a top management consulting firm


Is this program for me?

This is for you if:

  • You're an 'N' personality type (ENTP, INFJ, etc.). Or, you consider yourself a multi-passionate, future-oriented big-thinker.
  • You often find yourself in mental/emotional states that aren't serving you (e.g., low motivation to get things done, frustration at not finishing projects or making a big enough impact, nihilism about life, being overly judgmental of yourself or others, etc.).
  • You want to change your experience of life now, not someday. That means you're able and willing to devote time and energy for [a] daily skill-building exercises (15 minutes/day) and [b] being fully present during our 1-hour weekly group sessions (i.e., not multitasking).
  • You have access to a stable Internet connection that will allow you to consistently show up on video for our group sessions.
  • You'll be able to attend at least 80% of the live group sessions (see the FAQ section above for more on this).
  • You're open to being interrupted if you talk for too long. This ensures that everyone (not just the loudest person) gets an equal turn in the spotlight, and we get to spend most of our time discussing instead of just listening to info-dumps.

This ISN'T for you if:

  • You're unwilling to move beyond your comfort zone and try on new ways of seeing yourself and the world.
  • Your schedule is completely full and you'll be frequently making excuses about why you couldn't make any progress between sessions. (That said, if you feel super busy all the time, this might also be a great opportunity to practice these new skills when you need them most.)
  • You expect radical changes overnight. This group is for people who understand that real transformation takes time, and they're willing to put in the hard work to make it happen.
  • You have extreme right-leaning social views. This program is not political at all. But, it's very important to me that the Mastermind group feels like a safe container for everyone, including people with identities that have been systemically marginalized (e.g., people of color and people who identify as LGBTQIA+). So, it's ok to make mistakes, but I won't tolerate blatant racism, sexism, etc.
  • You're living with serious mental illness that you're not getting professional help for. This group isn't oriented around psychotherapy, so if you have a mental health issue that would severely impact your ability to show up, I encourage you to please prioritize your well-being and find a mental health professional. That said, if you're dealing with something like depression or anxiety that feels manageable, this group could still be a great fit for you.
  • You'd face major financial hardship paying for this (see cost information in the next section). This group is for people who are serious about personal growth, so it's ok if paying for this would require some sacrifice (maybe you decide to delay a non-essential purchase you've been wanting to make). But if paying for this would put you in debt, it's not for you.

Here's what you'll get:


Part 1 (8 weeks of Mental Fitness Training):

  • A mastermind group of 3-6 hand-picked N-types's to support you along your 8-week journey (and yes, I really mean hand-picked; I've decided in the past to cancel the program if I didn't feel like we had the right group to make the program supportive, engaging, and enjoyable for everyone);
  • Shirzad Chamine's full Positive Intelligence program—the same one that he uses with teams and leaders at companies like Google and Facebook;
  • 8 weeks of weekly group sessions & videos, and daily content through the Positive Intelligence app (including over 7 hours of videos broken up into bite-sized chunks, metrics & charts to track your progress, access to the Positive Intelligence Gym full of on-demand exercises, access to the larger Positive Intelligence community, and an audiobook copy of Shirzad's NY Times bestselling book, Positive Intelligence, listenable through the app);
  • A one-on-one coaching session with me (50 minutes) at the beginning of the program to strategize about your biggest challenges, set you up for success, and help you feel comfortable with me (plus, if you invest in the Go Deeper package, you'll get an additional coaching session in the second month);
  • Personalized support from me. Between sessions, I'll be happy to answer any questions you have via email and asynchronous chat (within the Positive Intelligence app). I'll also share any resources I come across that feel relevant to you personally and to your cohort (e.g., thoughts, podcasts, articles, etc.).

Remember: This is the same quality of group coaching that I offer senior leaders at Fortune 500 companies and charge many times the price you'll be paying here.

Part 2 (8 weeks of Mastermind):

After the first 8 weeks, you'll have made a lot of progress in two key foundational skills:

  • Identifying and weakening the Saboteur voices that hold you back;
  • Boosting your "Self-Command muscle" to recognize and shift out of unhelpful states.

The next steps for creating lasting change will include:

  • Continued support from your Mastermind group (i.e., the same group that's been deeply getting to know you during the Positive Intelligence course) for the remaining 8 weeks;
  • Continued access to the app, with daily exercises, metrics, on-demand workouts, and more;
  • 8 weeks of bi-weekly (once every 2 weeks) coaching sessions with your small group and me where we focus on supporting you in achieving your big goals (or helping you design them if you don't have ones yet that inspire you);
  • Discussions and exclusive guides I've made related to the most common pain points for 'N' types (especially NTP's), like todo lists and decision-making.

You can also invest a little more for the "Go Deeper" package, which includes:

  • An additional 18 weeks' worth of daily new exercises in the Positive Intelligence app to go even deeper and cement in your learning for real, lasting change;
  • 12+ hours of additional self-paced modules focused on everything from stress management, to conflict management, to parenting, to energy/impact optimization, and more);
  • (In total across Parts 1 and 2, you'll have access to around 20 hours of video content from Shirzad, one of the most successful executive coaches in the world. Don't worry if that amount of content feels overwhelming—it's all broken up into small, easy-to-digest chunks that you can get through at your own pace. In fact, it's actually best to move through the content slowly so it can sink in);
  • Monthly one-on-one coaching sessions with me (50 minutes), customized to your personality type, individual challenges, and what I've noticed about you in the group.

The investment:

Here's what all the pieces are worth separately (but this isn't what you'll pay):

(The "Go Deeper" labels indicate upgrades that are part of the "Go Deeper" package I'll lay out further down below.)

$756 8 one-hour group coaching sessions (valuing at half the cost of a one-on-one session x 8)
$567 4 ninety-minute group coaching sessions (valuing at half the cost of a one-on-one session x 4 sessions x 1.5 for 90 min)
$1,000 The core Positive Intelligence program (app, videos, metrics, daily content, global community)
$1,000 Go Deeper Positive Intelligence: Grow content (18 extra weeks of "daily focus" exercises to solidify learning, 13 extra hours of self-paced video learning modules for specific focus areas, 8 additional Saboteur focuses, etc.)
$189 1 one-on-one coaching session (using the standard-tier cost on my sliding scale)
$567 Go Deeper 3 additional one-on-one coaching sessions (using the standard-tier cost on my sliding scale)
$378 Personalized support from me (email, in-app chat; valuing at half the cost of a one-on-one session x four months)
$2,890 Total value of the Standard package (or $723 per month)
$4,457 Total value of the Go Deeper package (or $1,114 per month)

Here's the actual investment (if you earn over $100K USD):

You won't have to pay all at once. The total cost will be split into the monthly payments you see below.

If you earn less than $100K per year, you're eligible to apply for the scholarship rates at substantial savings. Scroll down to learn more.

(The savings numbers below are comparing to the monthly values from the table above.)


Important pricing details:

  • If you earn less than $100K, reduced-pricing scholarships are available. See below.
  • I don't want you to feel locked in, so you can stop after Part 1 if you're not getting a lot of value out of this (though nearly everyone in my past cohorts has chosen to continue).
  • If you're not satisfied with the program, you can ask for a full refund within the first 30 days. More details in the FAQ section above.
  • If your cohort decides to continue on with the Mastermind after month #4 (which most do), you'll continue paying the month #4 price for subsequent months. You can stop any time after that (though I'll ask that you attend at least one last session for a special goodbye exercise I like to do).
  • You can get $200 off the first month by bringing a friend or colleague with you into the program.

Scholarship opportunities (nearly 50% off):

Just like with my one-on-one coaching practice, I aim to make my offerings accessible to as many people as possible.

If your income is below $100K USD (before taxes) and you don't have substantial savings, you qualify to apply for a scholarship.

I can only offer a few of these, but you might be able to join the program at significantly reduced pricing—almost 1/2 the usual cost for the standard package:

Again, these are limited, so I encourage you to apply as early as possible to increase your chances of being accepted. I also want to recognize different access needs though, so I won't necessarily just choose the first people to apply. I'll very much take your entire application into consideration.

Interested in a scholarship?

Please apply to the program as usual below, and tick the box saying you're applying for a scholarship.

I use the honor system, so no proof is required. But I hope you'll check in with your values on what feels right here.

(By the way, I recognize that even 50% off won't make the program affordable for everyone, and I feel sad about that. I want to be able to help as many people as I can, which is why I have several slots in my one-on-one coaching practice priced at a nearly 75% discount. For this particular program though, I've found that the most successful Masterminds are composed of people at roughly similar levels of wealth, and this one here is intended for people of a higher wealth demographic.)

Here's how it all fits together:

Part 1:
  • Week 1: Kick-off session to get to know each other, and a one-on-one coaching session with me.
  • Weeks 2-8: Intensive skill-building ("Jedi training") using the app, including a weekly 60-minute video from Shirzad, daily app-guided exercises, and weekly 60-minute group meetings led by me.

At this point, some people might choose to stop, and that's ok.

I won't require you to continue on to Part 2 if you feel complete.

But I truly believe that lasting change requires continual practice, and the best way to get that is by progressing with a group of like-minded people who will support you and hold you accountable.

Part 2:
  • Weeks 9-16: You'll continue skill-building in the app (and if you've chosen the Go Deeper package, you'll have access to new self-paced modules on a variety of topics like stress management and productivity). For our group sessions, we'll switch to bi-weekly 90-minute group coaching sessions. We slow down the pace of meeting here because you'll now be using the skills you learned to make real progress on your goals, so you'll need time between sessions to take action.
  • In the final week, we'll wrap up our time together. However, many of my cohorts have found the Mastermind experience to be so valuable that they choose to extend it for another several months or more.
This program represents a real commitment.

But it'll be worth it because you'll learn root-level skills that will apply to virtually every challenge in your life.

You're here because something I wrote resonated with you.

  • You're ready to finally start finishing your ideas.
  • Ready to learn how to make decisions more easily.
  • Ready to break the cycles of low-motivation in your life.

That was me too, and I understand completely.

Developing mindful resilience is the first step.

Ready to apply for the Synthesis program?

To recap, here's what this is:

  • My premium program exclusively for 'N' types to help you overcome your top challenges in life: procrastination & motivation, possibility overwhelm & finishing projects, and trouble making decisions.
  • An in-depth 16-week journey to transform the way you experience yourself and the world around you. This is designed to help you get to the root issues that are causing a wide variety of problems in your life, from low confidence and trouble deeply connecting to people, to feeling depressed and nihilistic, to feeling anxious and overwhelmed by your todo list.
  • It incorporates a "Jedi training" program created by the world's top expert on mental fitness, Shirzad Chamine—Stanford professor and coach of hundreds of CEO's—that uses the latest neuroscience research to teach you self-mastery. This is an "active learning" approach that's much more effective than the passive learning style of reading a book or taking a course alone.
  • Step-by-step guidance through a combination of Shirzad's smartphone app, metrics to keep you on track, daily exercises, weekly videos, and weekly small-group meetings led by me.
  • Mastermind meetings to dive deep with your groupmates into the specific challenges you're facing in your life, and the opportunity to regularly receive support and actionable advice from your cohort and me.
Think about a big goal you've had for a while

Maybe it's a way you want your life to feel. A way you want to be able to show up to challenging situations. Maybe it's a real sense of freedom, like escaping micromanagement and reaching financial independence.

Maybe it's making a bigger impact. Confidence. Better relationships. Being able to fully feel your feelings. To experience self-love.

Maybe it's knowing that you're on the right path. Making the right decisions. Living your purpose.

Whatever it is, don't limit yourself—think big

Maybe this is something you've been imagining won't be possible for many years.

I know this might be hard to believe from where you're sitting right now, but I want to share something with you:

Several years ago, I had a vision for what I wanted my life to be like someday.

  • To feel deep connection with amazing new friends, and to live in community where I belonged;
  • To fill the existential void I experienced everyday as a constant low-level anxiety;
  • To feel excited about my work, and  to be able to do it on my own schedule.

I truly believed it would take me 5-10 years to get there.

But I devoted myself to achieving that goal, and I was able to do it in only two years. Sure, it might not have been the full 100% of what I was imagining, but it's a solid 80%.

The skills you'll learn in this program form the foundation of what got me to my goal.

Now, what have you been putting off as "maybe someday" that might be possible a lot sooner?

When will the program start?

I'll likely begin the next cohort in February or March, but it will depend on who joins and when.

It's more important to me to get just the right groups together than to start on a certain date.

When will we meet for the group session each week?

The day will be either Sunday or Monday, and the time will depend on who joins this cohort and what timezones everyone is in.

When you apply, you'll have the option of indicating several times that would work best for you.

I'll try my very best to find a time that works for everyone, but you'll be joining a community of other people here, and part of making this a priority in your life might mean shuffling some commitments on your end so you can consistently attend.

Don't worry: You'll be able to see the final meeting time before you commit, so you can make sure it works for your schedule.


Application process:

  1. Apply: Click the button below to answer some simple questions. This will help me assess your fit and figure out which group you'll be most successful in. (Remember: This is totally risk-free since you won't be paying yet.)
  2. Invitation & Payment: If all goes well, I'll share a poll with some options for the weekly group meeting time. I'll do my best to find a time that works best for everyone, and then I'll invite you to pay for the first month. Finally, I'll send you some intake materials and the calendar invites to our sessions.
  3. Launch: The group will embark on our journey together for 16 weeks (and potentially beyond) 🎉🎉🎉

Ready to take the leap?

The whole process should only take you 5-10 minutes.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or barriers:

Let's do this! (apply now, risk-free)