COVID informational poster for skeptics and people hesitant about the vaccine

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As you might have read in some of my other COVID posts, I’ve felt pretty frustrated by the journalism and communication around COVID. 

No wonder so many people are skeptical of the vaccines—it’s incredibly hard to find legitimate, science-backed information out there. For example, it took me literally hours of research to find out (from a reliable source) what the chances of serious side effects from the vaccine are.

So, I decided to make an informational poster with what I think are the most important points that a lot of people don’t understand. Please share it with anyone you know who’s still skeptical about the vaccine.

Let’s not be cruel to anti-vaxxers and vaccine-skeptics—that will only drive them away. Like I said, I have empathy for them: It’s very confusing out there, and it’s hard to know what’s true and who to trust. That’s why I did the research and created this poster.

Below is an image version, and you can download a high-resolution PDF version here.

I’m also open to feedback in the comments if you think I could clarify something even more.

Thanks for your help in spreading accurate information about the vaccine and keeping us all safe!

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