Tests and tools:

Myers-Briggs Personality TestWant to better understand who you are? My test goes deeper, beyond the usual "do you prefer staying home or going to a party?" This test delves into the cognitive functions and the fuller complexity of Myers-Briggs (yes, it's possible to be both introverted and extroverted depending on the situation!).

Simplifying complex subjects:

Intro to Race in America for White PeopleThis is a non-political introduction to how race works in this country: where it came from and how it factors into America today. This is not at all about political correctness, and I'm firmly against shaming people. It's my attempt to explain a complex topic to other white people with clarity and kindness.
COVID-19: The most important science-backed advice synthesized from hundreds of sourcesI'm not a medical professional, but I was frustrated by all the misinformation and confusing advice out there on COVID-19. So, I did a lot of research (synthesizing hundreds of articles) and created this series of posts with everything you need to know from how to keep a "bubble" or "pod" safe, to which specific masks are best, to the latest information about the virus "variants" and vaccines.
Blog: Synthesizing & Simplifying ComplexityI write on a variety of topics from personal growth, to group dynamics, to Myers-Briggs. I also enjoy simplifying complex topics like COVID.

Local Politics:

Oregon: Vote YES on Measures 109 and 110 in NovemberIn my opinion, these measures will help people of color, veterans, victims of sexual assault, and people living with cancer and mental health conditions. Measure 109 will allow a breakthrough treatment for anxiety, depression, and other conditions that's all-natural, non-addictive, & non-overdosable. Measure 110 won't legalize drugs, but it will remove criminal penalties for personal possession of small amounts, and it will connect drug users with treatment to help them get better rather than sending them to jail.